Millionaire Entrepreneur Grant Cardone uses private jet and resources to help in Houston

If you’ve ever watched a motivational business speaker on YouTube you would have seen Grant Cardone. Mr Cardone has many shows that he is a part of on YouTube as well as on his own network GCTV. Mr Cardone has a private jet which he uses for business travels all over the US as seen on his social media and on his book covers but now he has put that jet to a more heroic use and volunteered his time, money and energy to help the people in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

People making their way down a flooded street in Houston, Texas. Joe Raedle/Getty

Mr Cardone recently made a Facebook Post displaying the help he is offering in products and as a service and when we noticed this we knew it could not go unrecognized. He is supplying Shirts, Diapers, Toothpaste tubes, Toothbrushes, Baby wipes, Razors, Toilet paper and Poise pads.

Grant Cardone’s Facebook Post. Credit: Facebook

In the post Mr Cardone thanks American Red Cross in Houston Scientology Volunteer Ministers LightSpeed VT Hamlin & Associates Bankers Healthcare Group Cushman & Wakefield Andy Frisella the MFCEO


Grant is joined on this journey by his wife Elena Cardone, seen in the above picture with a private jet filled with some necessities for those in need.

It is good to see that in this world where millionaires usually sit idle in the times of need that some are actually making a difference and not just making a post on social media wishing all well. It is understandable that not everyone has access to private jets to help in this way and ALL help in the way of donating money, goods (water, clothes, etc) or a place to stay is appreciated by those on the ground.

Grant says on his website:

“As many of you know I grew up in Lake Charles, LA, (my sister still lives there). What you may not know, is that I started my business in Houston and lived there for several years (my other sister still lives there today).

Hurricane Harvey has devastated Houston and poses a major threat to Lake Charles and other cities in the Gulf States. There have been millions of people affected by the storm and the recovery efforts will cost billions and take years.

The early relief efforts are underway but there is a severe need for basic supplies for residents and relief workers. The people of Houston cannot wait, and I want to help the city and the people that have been so good to me… I ask you to join me in this support.”

You can support Grant and Elena in their endeavor here.



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