Netflix raises Aussie prices: How much will you pay?

Last month we read a report on CNET regarding the price hike of Netflix. Aussies value Netflix very highly with more and more houses opting for Netflix over free-to-air TV. For the price of 2 coffies a month you can watch ad free TV and Movies, why not use Netflix?

Getting to the point, Netflix changed their prices! The price change comes as the Austrlian Government makes changes to the GST for products and services online.

The Basic plan is raised $1, the Standard plan is raised by $2 and the Premium plan is up by $3. It is a small price rise but a rise nonetheless

Plan Old Price New Price % Increase
Basic AU$8.99 AU$9.99 11.1%
Standard AU$11.99 AU$13.99 16.7%
Premium AU$14.99 AU$17.99 20.0%

Netflix says that while it has not changed their pricing since they launched in 2015, the increases were necessary and in part down to the laws. They are also, in part, due to the increase of value in the service (more shows, movies, etc.)

“From time to time, Netflix plans and pricing are adjusted as we add more exclusive TV shows and movies, introduce new product features and improve the overall Netflix experience,” a Netflix spokesperson said. “In light of the upcoming GST increase, we will be rolling out updated plans and pricing.”

Newly signed up customers will see the price rise instantly while existing subscribers will be notified of the changes via email (should have been done by now).




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