South Australian Blackout Becomes Political Football

In a press release today, The Australia Institute have obtained email proof that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of National Party Barnaby Joyce, and the Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg, all lied to the Australian people simply to use the SA blackout as an opportunity to denigrate the SA Labor Government.

TAI obtained email proof through FOI requests that the Federal Government knew that the SA Blackout was not due to renewables failing, but due to the collapse of transmission towers, then took the opportunity to take a swipe at the SA Labor government and blame renewables for the blackout.

The TAI says, “In the afternoon of 28 September 2016, a huge storm raged through South Australia, knocking over multiple power lines and triggering a state-wide blackout. Almost immediately, politicians blamed the blackout on the relatively high concentration of wind-farms in South Australia, including the Deputy Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Minister for Energy and Environment Josh Frydenberg soon joined in the blame game.

Documents now released under Freedom of Information, through requests by The Australia Institute, show AEMO told federal public servants and political advisors that renewable energy was not to blame for the blackout.

By exploiting the opportunity to criticise South Australia’s transition to renewable power and renewable targets in other states, the government completely ignored the advice from their public servants and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).”

Of course, the government is not obliged to take the advice of AEMO or any other body for that matter. However, to blatantly lie to the Australian people about it just to score political points shows just how infantile our political system in Australia has become.

Are our politicians and our PM in particular, so bereft of clever things to do to improve our country that they resort to lies and deceit to score points?

It shows the sad state of affairs when tactics as childish as this are used to gain points than to do something constructive about it.

The press release goes on to say,

Renewables not to blame

“The documents show senior public servants grappling with the crisis and striving to work out exactly what has happened. At 8:31pm, four hours after the blackout, a senior bureaucrat at Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC) writes: helpful if we can have some information on the cause and why the system responds as it did, I listened to the Premier who repeatedly indicated the outage is not generation related, but Some are suggesting related to renewables. I’m concerned that if the reason is because the system shut down to protect itself and it is not a supply issue we do not repeat misinformation.”

The TAI press release can be viewed here.

But one must ask the obvious question. How will these false reports by our PM, Deputy PM and Energy Minister affect the thoughts of people in South Australia when it comes to the sate election in 2018? It shows that politicians will resort to anything to plant a seed of doubt in your mind and try to manipulate your concept of others instead of just getting on with their job and making Australia great.

There is a war on for your mind and your vote. Its been raging for many years now and its now at a point where nothing actually gets done, it just gets talked about. How quickly we forget.

Darryl Bothe

Darryl Bothe

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