AFP and international partners target denial of service attacks

Last week, as part of an international law enforcement partnership with twelve other countries under the coordination of Europol, the AFP has conducted operational activity to target individuals who are suspected of initiating denial of service attacks on computer systems.

During the period of action search warrants were conducted in both Sydney and Perth on two unrelated suspects who are believed to be responsible for over 120 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against a variety of victims.

In both instances briefs of evidence are being prepared for the courts and charges are yet to be finalised.

AFP Manager Cyber Crime Operations, Commander David McLean said that these are serious offences.

“DDoS activity is an offence that carries a penalty up to 10 years imprisonment. DDoS attacks against Australian businesses and government sites continue to increase and represent one of the most underreported, but significant cybercrime threats. Attacks of this nature cause significant damage to those business targeted with real world impacts,” said Commander McLean.

“If you are interested in technology and do like to experiment I would ask that you consider the damage you could cause and the criminality of your actions before proceeding. The outcomes of your actions aren’t virtual,” Commander McLean said.

At least the AFP are being seen to do something, even if the charges don’t stick.


Source: AFP

Dale Bothe editor

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