Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

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The TPP is not even dead yet, and there is already a replacement on the table ready to wreak even more havoc for our nation.

What is the RCEP?

The RCEP is the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, it’s an even bigger trade deal that has TPP like clauses where a company can sue a government for adversely affecting their profits.


Graphic representation of countries involved in TPP, RCEP and both. Source Google.

According to latest newsletter, “We’ve only just buried the TPP. But already, our leaders have just landed in Indonesia to push through an even bigger trade deal called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or RCEP.

The deal is so secret that we don’t know exactly what’s in it. Leaked documents however show us that RCEP contains TPP-like provisions that can lead to more expensive medicine, and give corporations rights to sue our governments.”

The newsletter goes on to say, “[The] RCEP includes 10 ASEAN countries, plus India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. If passed, it will cover half the world’s population. Leaders are hoping that the deal will be finalised in mid-2017.

It looks like the deal will contain stronger rights for Big Pharma, which will push up the price of medicines for ordinary Australians like you and me. Leaks show that countries are discussing rules that give so much power to corporations by restricting our future governments from regulating in the public interest.

And the worst on the table is the right to sue our government in secret courts for laws that protect us but harm corporate profits, just like the TPP.

The RCEP deal’s strength lies in the fact nobody knows about it — but we can turn that around.

Our leaders are trying to keep it under wraps.”

This is a link to the Department of Foreign Affairs website resource Joint Declaration by Leaders on the Launch of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership 20 November 2012.

This has been going on for over four years and who has heard of it? Was it mentioned in the 2016 federal election?

A further resource for information pertaining to this free trade agreement can be found here.

However, ausrealnews is in the process of attempting to obtain a copy of the agreement thus far and will report on it when more information comes to hand.

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