Defence denies Aussie SAS raid in Iraq ever happened

Defence has dismissed media reports out of Britain that Australian special forces were involved in a raid in Iraq that resulted in the capture and extraction of three senior Islamic State figures.

UK media reported that a team of 20 British and Australian SAS, along with US operatives, staged the undated night raid somewhere in or near the ISIS-held city of Mosul, in northern Iraq.

The claims were repeated in Soldier of Fortune magazine in the US.

They appeared significant because it suggested the Australians had moved beyond their “advise-and-assist” mandate and were creeping towards a boots-on-the-ground combat role.

“No Australian soldiers have been involved in a raid in the vicinity of Mosul, Iraq,” Defence said in a statement.

“Defence will not comment on Coalition or other nation’s Special Operations activities.”


Source: News

Dale Bothe editor

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