How Do We Solve Australia’s Refugee Problem?


In Australia, we have a mild problem of illegal refugees coming to Australia seeking asylum. I say mild problem because when one sees what is happening in Europe, ours is significantly less of a problem, but it still is a problem for us and in my opinion, really needs to be addressed.

They have fled their own country for various reasons, but we can be sure that if there was not a genuine reason for uprooting your entire family, risking theirs and your own life on a leaky slow boat to get away from something, they probably would remain settled into their own homes and get on with life. It’s when life becomes unliveable for these people that they risk everything trying to find a better life for themselves and their family. Everyone has the right to live in peace and be left alone to get on with life as they know it.

So, how do we as Australians help these people?

I don’t particularly think we should just open our borders and let any amount in as they want, but I do think we need to take a step back and evaluate what is actually happening.

The reality is that many of these people’s countries are being ravaged by war that has been initiated or supplied by the western world. For example, the CIA in the USA have had a lot to do with these wars. Refer to “Confessions of an Economic Hitman,” by John Perkins to obtain what I see as some truths regarding this.

What is the cost to Australia to handle the influx of refugees claiming asylum?

I recently heard an idea which to me has some merit. We (Australia) allow refugees who are claiming asylum to come to Australia. Once here, we process them and allow them to live in the Australian community, not in detention centres, but they must report to immigration on a weekly basis. While in Australia, we can support them through Social Security, with the following condition.

Each family must nominate one or more members of adult age to be trained by our Army to either fight or support soldiers who are fighting, such as engineers etc. Once their training is complete, we arm them and ship them back to their country of origin. Meanwhile, their family remains in Australia with our support. Once the conflict is over no matter how long it takes, and the soldiers return to Australia, we then ship the entire family back to their country of origin and assist them to re-settle back there.

There are two advantages to this plan. 1. The refugees are made to take responsibility for their own country and while doing so, their families are supported and protected. And, 2. Less of our own soldiers would be required to go fight to resolve someone else’s problems. No doubt we will need to send some soldiers to help. But the key to this is that ours won’t have to do much of the fighting, mainly support work.

Some would say that to intervene in another country’s affairs would not be correct, but we are doing it now for selected countries but under the banner of fighting terrorism. Why not help the people that have been displaced?

Some would also say, “Why should we expect refugees to fight when they might be pacifists and not want to fight? I would respond with, “I am a pacifist as well but given similar circumstances, some things are worth fighting for. And if my family was threatened by war, I would very quickly take up arms and fight back.”

The most important point of this plan is that Australia takes responsibility for the problems in another country, and shoulders its responsibility to world peace as an integral member of the United Nations, but we don’t have to commit many soldiers to the cause where as we would probably normally have committed many more soldiers to a campaign that really has nothing to do with us. We also, then do not fight their war for them, but show them how to fight it for themselves.

Yes, it would cost a lot of money to do this, but what is money when so many people and their families are displaced by the wars that are going on at the moment? Surely we can help a neighbour, be it next door or across the world. Most of these people are simply trying to live a peaceful life and I think we owe it to them as fellow humans to help in any way we can.

Of course, there is always the possibility that by arming a militia group, that militia group could turn on us. But I don’t think that would happen, at least until they have their families safely back in their own country, safe and sound, and the fact that we helped them to achieve that would go a long way to good international relationships.

The most important point here is that you know what is happening, I know what is happening and the rest of the world knows what is happening in these countries. The government knows what is happening and the USA knows what is happening. One just needs to take a really good look and decide that something has to change. Some things are worth fighting for.

Darryl Bothe

Darryl Bothe

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