Petition to stop payments for non-currently serving Politicians

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You and I are not paid for jobs that we no longer carry out, make this the same for ALL Australians. Stop ALL entitlements, payments, allowances, including travel allowances for politicians who are no longer currently serving the Australian public. The only way to change things is to make it happen for ourselves, this is something the politicians will NOT make happen, we have to insist on this happening.

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Top comments from the petitions Supporters:

What employer pays their employees after they stop work? No one – only tax payers do! The money paid to past politicians could be much better spent!

Kerrelyn Mahoney, Runcorn, QLD

I’m signing because I believe this is a fairer way of living, more equitable and relieves an unnecessary burden on the economy. The politicians were well compensated during their term for any demands of their job.

kristine mcintyre, Australia

You shouldn’t still be paid for a job you no longer do

andrea Felgendrejeris, Australia




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